Attentıon to the home accıdents!

Attentıon to the home accıdents!

Release Date: 20 06 2020

These days children spend more time at home and the risk of home accidents also increases. The most common home accidents; burns, blockages, drug and chemical accidents. In order to prevent home accident risks as follows;
• The plugs of equipment that may cause burns such as iron, heater, oven, teapot should be pulled out of after using and should be out of the reach of children,
•Small toys, small objects and cookies such as pistachios and hazelnuts should be kept away especially from children under 2 years of age.,
• Windows and balcony doors should be kept closed and child lock should be used if necessary,
• Medicines and detergents in the home should be kept out of the reach of children.

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